ASUS vg278q Best Settings and Color Profile

Buy from AmazonThe ASUS gaming monitor are the most famous laptops around you these monitors are special for their high FPS qualities so you will feel the real thrill of gaming on these monitors. Here we specifically talk about the most famous monitor of ASUS series that is known as asus vg278q the most famous monitor in 144Hz gaming monitor.

ASUS vg278q Best Settings and Color Profile

Most affordable and reliable monitor by ASUS that offers 1ms response time speed. So you can get accurate gaming experience with this monitor. Easily adjustable in different positions you can easily tilt, swivel and povit this monitor.

Lets come to the straight point ASUS VG278Q needs some simple color adjustment for gaming this is the only problem that people are facing in this monitor. Its just need some On-screen display adjustment that can help you to get batter image quality. Every monitor comes with little bit changes so you can not apply the same changes in other versions like ASUS VG248QE need some different settings.

Just go to setting and go to color

  • Brightness 90
  • contrast 80
  • Color Temp User Mode
  • Smart View OFF

After this all you need to do the install perfect ICC according to your monitor that gives you perfect color combination.
You can easily test different setting as well according to your need and taste.

ASUS VG248QE Best FPS Setting

ASUS VG248 144Hz monitor has many different pre calibration that you can find under the OSD section. These presets setting are the best setting that gives you perfect image quality with on-screen content but these setting only works perfectly when you paired in with provided ICC profiles.

Splendid Mode: Standard
Contrast: 75
Brightness: 64
Color temperature: Red 96, Green 94, Blue 88
Disable SmartView and ASCR
ASUS VG248QE Tracefree: You can set as much as you need

After applying these setting you need to download accurate ICC profile that matches perfectly according to your GPU manufacturer. ASUS VG248QE NVIDIA ICC color profile or AMD ICC profile download with these color profiles you calibrated with your monitor GPU’s gamma and LUT (Look Up Table) to gives you more ideal color combination.

How to install the ICC profile

In window 7,8,8.1 and 10 you can simply download and install ICC profile.

1 open color management from control panel
2 Click on “Add
3 Browse the .icm (ICC) profile
4 Click on “OK
5 Tick on “USE my setting for this device
6 Select the color profile “Set as Default profile
7 Go to “Advance
8 Click on “Change system defaults
9 Click again on “Advanced
10 Tick the “Use Windows display calibration

After all these settings you can good to go. Different games have different default settings to display their features perfectly.

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